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New Hotel

I have always been very happy with the service and quick response to my queries for support.

The tech support people respond to emails even on a Sunday at all hours and have been extremely helpful. I recommend MozDomains if you are considering webhosting or even just domain name registration.

Musica Fresca

I’ve gone through several hosting sites, and I have to say that MozDomains is quite simply the best.

Very low prices, shared domains, close to 100% uptime, and super fast support make this a hosting service that I can easily (and do, often) recommend.


We are already blown away by the quality of service.

And we are looking forward to sticking around for a long time and anticipate sharing with friends and colleagues of my great experience with MozDomains.


Wonderful host! offered by MozDomains and for a whole lot less money.

Totally dedicated to their clients, they’re often online to quickly answer any of my questions. Very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. I highly recommend them.

SOMEQ Construções

Thanks for your help! You’ve been a great host!.

MozDomains is the quickest and easiest to use. The registration process went through without a glitch. The user panel worked perfectly without a single bug.

SonilMoz Travel

It’s a host like you that makes my first paid hosting experience a dream.

I’m honestly impressed with the service and such that I get with you, you treat people like people instead of act like an automated responder, thanks.

Residencial Hotel Universo

Our site is up and running, and I’ve gotten used to the new control panel.

So far, I haven’t noticed any down time at all, which was the main reason I left my last host. You’ve exceeded my expetations, and I appreciate the excellent customer service.

Feprol Ferragens

I am very impressed with your service, I am impressed with your website also.

We have registered our website and hosted it with many different companies, but I would say MozDomains is the best we have worked with and we found the process smooth and easy.

Centro Médico Magan

We just wanted to say “THANKS SO MUCH!!!” We are impressed with your customer support service.

We really appreciate the great service and the way you have your site set up. We wish you the best of success in your venture and hope to be a part of it for a very long time to come.

Seasons Hotel and Spa

After dealing with a couple of one-man hosting outfits trying to pass themselves off as a larger company.

We vowed to stay away from smaller firms. However, after seeing the positive reviews on Facebook, We decided to give MozDomains a try and we are loving the experience.

Innovate IT

I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the service and your quick response to questions and concerns.

I have been treated respectfully whenever I had a question, no matter how simple and basic, the response is very quick.

Silver Moz, LDA

Myself and our staff have been tremendously impressed with MozDomains.

Specifically your lightening fast, friendly customer service, and the fact that you are a local, green powered company. We highly recommend you to anyone looking for a higher standard in web hosting..

1World Travel

Our satisfaction has been absolutely at the highest level.

Thanks and congratulations on the great service! - I've recommended you to a number of people who have asked me about hosting - sure appreciate the good service.

Scripting Academy

The few times that we needed support, it came instantly and clearly.

Thanks very much for offering an inexpensive non-profit option, but even your normal rates are extremely fair.

Hotel Paraiso

Thank you very very much for being responsive and competent.

You always answer questions promptly, and if you don't know the answer, you are up front about it. 100% of the time, the issue is resolved and all's well.

Sidat Solutions

If you want a host that cares and values community, choose MozDomains.

Their staff are friendly and I feel confident that any technical issues that I may have will be and have been resolved in a timely manner.

Hotel Embaixador

Reaching my old host was impossible. E-mails took 3 weeks before a reply was given, phone calls were never returned.

It’s easy to rech via e-mail or support forum, e-mails are answered usually within 10 minutes and things actually get fixed. And their prices are about 1/4 the cost of my old host to boot!.


We use MozDomains exclusively for our web design business.

Their Wordpress hosting speeds are great and their customer support team is second to none. Highly recommend using them and have not looked back since.

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Here are some of the customer testimonials we’ve received over the years, many thanks for choosing us.

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