Check Your Website Security Before Its Too Late!

You’ve probably tried to visit a website before, only to find that your browser has blocked the site because one or more of its webpages contains malware. But how about the website owners? Do they realize that their site is infected? Shouldn’t they have noticed before your browser did? The answer is “yes.” Follow these […]

What is Website Security?

Website security is critical component to protect and secure websites and servers. Websites are scanned for any possible vulnerabilities and malware through website security software. This software can scan for backdoor hacks, redirect hacks, Trojans, and many other threats. A website security software notifies the user if the website has any issue and provides solutions […]

Tips to Improve Your Website Security

If you have a website you must ensure that it is secure. You would be following certain practices and you may have a website security software to protect your website from malware and hackers. This blog will guide you through the best practices in website security. While there are plenty of guides, this article will provide a comprehensive […]

Tips To Protect Your Website From Hackers

There are many reasons for you to protect your website from hackers. If you have an eCommerce website then you would probably have already faced a hacking attempt. Hackers target even simple websites and you would not even guess the reason. You definitely need website security. Hackers hack websites to: deface your website knock your website […]

Tips To Protect Your Devices From Spectre Meltdown

The Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities have affected nearly every modern processor from Intel, AMD, and ARM. Discovered by the Google Project Zero team, the vulnerabilities allow Reading privileged memory with a side-channel. It means it can read personal data, passwords and other critical data from arbitrary kernel-memory locations. The hardware bugs would allow a malicious […]

How to find your website contains malware

Does Your Website Contain Malware? How To Find Out? When was the last time you checked your website for malware? Maybe, you have a valid reason (business is booming or website is undergoing changes) for not doing so. But this could prove extremely dangerous. Therefore it’s extremely important to check your website for malware from […]

Importance of Malware free websites and servers

In December 2017, the Rockingham County School District suffered a malware attack that prevented machines from being able to connect to the school’s network. The attackers had successfully infected the machines with the Emotet trojan malware. The Emotet trojan was capable of injecting itself into software modules and the network stacks in the machines. The trojan could then […]

Website Security Myths to avoid in 2018

The evolution of Internet has changed the way of our day to day living – digitising our regular personal, banking, shopping activities and what not that involves sharing sensitive information over the virtual platform. This creates an itch for the bad guys from the netherworld to steal data for monetary returns. Earlier cyber-crimes were not […]